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Matthew Stafford Slammed For Walking Away Instead Of Helping Photographer Who Fell Over

Max Sherry


Matthew Stafford Slammed For Walking Away Instead Of Helping Photographer Who Fell Over

Matthew Stafford has gone from hero to villain after a clip of him went viral online.

The Los Angeles Rams quarterback was celebrating his team's Super Bowl victory when a photographer fell off the stage right in front of him.

But instead of rushing over to make sure she was alright, Stafford savagely turned his back and walked away in the other direction while his wife attended to her.

The footage of the incident certainly doesn't do him any favours either as he appears to mutter the words "oh my" before making a swift exit from the scene while casually sipping some water.


When the clip flooded social media, racking up over 10 million views on Barstool Sports' Twitter alone, fans were quick to slam the recently-crowned Super Bowl champion.

Others suggested that he was actually turning his back to get further medical attention for the NFL photographer, but some people weren't buying it.

The injured woman later took to social media to confirm that she had fractured her spine from the heavy fall, setting up a GoFundMe to help pay for her medical bills.


But outrage quickly turned to Stafford.

One Twitter user said: "Matthew Stafford needs to fund this entire GoFundMe after that scumbag move he pulled."

While another added: "Annnnnd turns out Matt Stafford's kind of a jerk."

And SNY anchor Chris Williamson wrote: "When people show you who they are, believe them. Being drunk is not an excuse to not show any concern (I hope he did at some point) for an individual who just fell 8 feet trying to take photos of you and your wife."


But not everyone was pointing the finger at the former Detroit Lions QB.

The Athletic's Ryan Cole tweeted: "It's a 3-second clip during a moment he was blacked out drunk, man. He might have fell off the stage his own self if he peaked over to look. Unfortunate she fell, but spinning this on Stafford is an odd angle to take here. We don't know what response was had afterwards."

The man himself clearly feels guilty about what happened, Adam Schefter confirming that Stafford and his wife were going to pay for the photographer's medical bills while also replacing her broken cameras.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@LoganTheHammer

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Max Sherry
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