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"The least talented sport on earth" - Dana White gives controversial views on football

Ryan Sidle

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"The least talented sport on earth" - Dana White gives controversial views on football

The world might be loving the World Cup right now, and sad at the first two days without it since it started last month, but Dana White won't be amongst those enjoying the action in Qatar.

The World Cup has been giving us all fantastic drama to watch unfold in recent weeks, with the knockout stages picking up from where the groups left off.

Morocco's win over Spain on Tuesday night gave us the one huge upset in the last 16 that we'd been waiting for, after Argentina, Netherlands, France, England, Brazil and Croatia had made it through before them.

Whilst the rest of us are enjoying the football in Qatar, one person certainly has no interest in the sport, and thinks it's far too easy.


UFC boss White has claimed that it's the 'least talented sport on earth,' saying that the goals are too big and it's for children, as you can see in the video below.


"Soccer? Whole other ball game. Can’t stand soccer, I think that it’s the least talented sport on earth," the American said on a podcast.

"There’s a reason three year olds can play soccer ok? You run around and kick a ball."


White is interrupted by someone suggesting he wouldn't repeat the opinion in South America, "You wouldn’t say that if you were in Brazil, dude I’d say this in any country ever," White retorted.

"When you’re playing a game where the net is this big right, and the score is 3-1, are you s**ting me right now?

"Do you know how untalented you have to be to score three points when the net is this big?"

It's certainly quite the take about the world's most popular sport, and it'll certainly offend the USMNT who could only manage four goals in four games in the tournament.

Clearly White doesn't speak for all Americans. Image: Alamy
Clearly White doesn't speak for all Americans. Image: Alamy

"Three year olds can run around, throw punches and kicks as well," one fan pointed out, something that White clearly isn't aware of.

Hitting out at sports Americans might prefer, another said, "Better play American Football, where half of the people are overweight and stand around."

"And unlike Dana White, football clubs pay their stars what they're worth," a third added, with the UFC promoter often accused of not paying his fighters anywhere near what they deserve.


A fourth commented, "Love football and MMA, but this is one of those opinions by Dana White that just sound stupid because he never tried it.

"It's a lot harder, more intense and more skillful than you think. Especially at top club and international levels."

A fifth opined, "Dana White giving a silly 'dude bro' take on football is just noise. Especially considering how much more popular that sport is globally compared to MMA and is the level he aspires the UFC to reach."

Another summed it up saying, "Get Dana White on a football pitch and let him play one professional game. I just want to see his 17 goal 23 assist debut appearance."


Presumably the 53-year-old is not looking forward to 2026, when USA will host the World Cup alongside Mexico and Canada, or he'll change his tune.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Disney

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Ryan Sidle
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